I had a great experience while adopting Luna! The most important thing I looked for when trying to find the perfect pup was that it came from a breeder that placed the well-being of the dogs first. I will definitely be getting another sweet standard pup from Hampshire Hills!

Danielle Jolley

Hello Ashley
Hampshire Hill’s Standard poodles and Mountain View Standard poodles! What a terrific duo. I’m so glad we met. You kept our puppy three extra weeks so he could fly. Made sure he was seen by your veterinarian when his vaccines were due. Put in the extra time teaching him to lay in his crate. He was healthy, happy and just perfect.  Lincoln was your first brown boy to be adopted and your last to leave. He was very happy and outgoing at the airport! Even with everything personally you had going, you still made sure my boy was at the airport ready for me. He was such a sweet heart quiet the whole day of boarding, layovers and getting back on/off a plane several times in a day.  I can’t thank you enough. We will forever be friends. Thank you for our beautiful chocolate boy. Lincoln will grow up learning to serve his community, just like his dad (Baron).
Teresa T