About Us

My name is Ashley Estepp, I’m the face behind Hampshire Hill’s Standard Poodles. That cute face you see there is my son Gibson, he blessed my life on September 9th 2020. I spent 11 years working for a local animal hospital. Briefly after the arrival of my son I followed in my mother’s footsteps and took over her private pet grooming salon, so she could enjoy retirement. Gibson and I have six standard poodles. Four live in our home and the other two live in guardian homes. I breed as a hobby because I love the breed and want to share it with others! My story started with standard poodles as it was a breed I didn’t see often coming into the clinic and the fact they do not shed! I started researching online with no intention of buying a puppy at that time. I found a local litter of pups! So one day I decided to just go look at them (what could that hurt). If you can’t tell by how this story is going I ended up placing a deposit on a puppy that same day. After a month went by I was bringing him home. I fell so deeply in love with this breed. The personality was like no other breed I had been around. We went everywhere together and everyone who met him fell in love too! I started him in some training classes for basic obedience. He never missed a beat it was just so easy for him. I wanted to challenge this dog I mean what else could he be good at? I then received permission to visit a local Elementary school with him for a reading program. Kids on all different learning levels just lit up when they met him. We would visit once a week for a few hours at a time with the children. One morning a teacher came to me asking if this child could join our reading group, of course I agreed. She informed me this child was autistic and would not speak to her teachers or class mates. The second this child met Baron she started speaking to him it was as if they were the only two in the room! It was in that moment things clicked for me. I wanted to share this amazing personality with others. All of our poodles share calm loving personalities. Our pets are apart of our family they live in our home. We even vacation with them! We can’t imagine day to day life without them by our side!