Shipping ✈️

We use the best flight possible for your new pet.

Currently with the COVID-19 the safest option is to drive in to pick up your puppy. If you are able to fly it’s easier with everything going on to book your flight and add your puppy as a carry on with you which places the puppy under the seat in front of you.

There is some additional effort on both ends to get your puppy to you. We like to fly with the least amount of stress to your puppy. If it means you might have to travel a bit further to another airport your puppy is our main concern. We offer a few different ways to get a pup from us. Depending on the season you can set up a flight for your pet to fly home to you in a crate. We spend a few weeks putting puppy thru flight school so things are less stressful for them. We expect payment in full for puppy, shipping and any additional costs upfront.

Estimated Fees

Cargo Flight✈️—$600.00

This includes:

🐾Appropriate flight Crate

🐾Health certificate

🐾Age appropriate vaccines

🐾Travel charges to transport puppy to our nearest airport.

Airport Delivery fees

We are more then willing to meet you at our local airport in Greenville for 100.00 travel fee.